The key to The Kelly Game is survival. The game begins at tip off of the first game of NCAA Tourny until the championship game.

The Kelly Game is a points based game the tests you knowledge of basketball handicapping.

This year will be the 5th annual running of The Kelly Game. The idea behind putting this game together was to find a way to pick games against the spread without needing to wager money on each of those picks.  This is an easy way to test your handicapping skills against your peers. Feel free to pass this along to friends.

Read the rules below and make sure to get registered prior to the deadline. After you register, you will receive an email with your login and password. Please feel free to email with any questions.

After reading the rules check out these links to the spreadsheets from the past two years. It will help you getting a better understanding of the format if you are a newbie.

Kelly Game Standings 2011

Kelly Game Standings 2012


Buy In 

  • Feel free to donate $40 (technically $41.20 with transaction fees) to receive a login and password
  • You will receive 200 points with your donation…. You can have up to 3 different accounts
  • You start the game with 200 pts.  You will use those 200 points to wager on any games you chose in the first round (TH/FRI Games)
  • You do not have to use all 200 points in the first round, but must use at least 50% (100 pts).
  • There is no maximum on the different games you wager on.
  • If you pick a game correct in the first round, you will get those points back starting round 2.. You do not use your winning within the same round
  • After the first round games you will receive back your total point to wager on Round 2 (Sat/Sun Games)
  • Then again you will proceed to pick games for round 2.. You must use 50% of the points you started round 2 with. Do not have to use all.
  • This will continue until the championship game or you lose all of your points. There is a total of 6 rounds including the Championship game.

Other Rules

  • The lines for all games during the tournament will be posted online prior to the rounds games
  • The lines do not fluctuate, whatever is set as the line stays the same until game time
  • Each pick must be made through
  • Minimum pick is 10 units
  • Must wager at minimum 50% of your total points you started the round with
    • Purpose of this rule, is so you don’t just sit on your points
  • You can only be on one side of a particular game, you may not have points on both the fav and the dawg
  • You will be given your new total for your winnings at the beginning of the next round
  • All wagers end in an increment of 10 (ex. 10, 20, 30, 100… NOT 2, 18, 17.5, 25)
  • If you fail to follow rules set, i.e. you don’t wager 50% of your points, you will be penalized 30% of the points you started the round with
  • Kelly Game is a gentleman’s game and we reserve the right to make adjustments to rules at anytime
  • The spread sheet posted will show standings of each round therefore you can see about how much you want to be wagering per round
  • Winner is determined by the most points after the last game of the tournament
  • As you can see in the attachment from last years games, there were 8 players left in the final four
  • Study the previous years spreadsheets to see how others played the game in the past
  • Once you sign up online, you will receive an email from,
Some Examples
  • 200 pts —- wager 6 games 20 points each — win 4 lose 2 — begin second round with 240 pts.
  • 200 pts —- wager 10 games 20 points each — lose all — done
  • 200 pts —- wager 10 games 20 points each — win all — begin second round with 400 pts.