Additional FAQ’s


Both the username and password are case sensitive. If you forget you password there is an option to retrieve a new one on the login page

When you log in on the upper righthand corner, it will say Howdy, (your username). That is where you can change your password/update your profile

On the main page across the bar under the tab Pick Here, it will drop down to choose which day games you want to make your picks, this will update as we go through the tournament

The Standings tab will update with a spreadsheet showing standings after each round, this is where you will find your new total for the next round

The new totals will be updated 3 hours prior to next rounds first games, most of the time they will be updated after the last games of the prior round
For instance the standings and new point totals should be up by 9 am on Sat.

Please review the Rules section

For your picks, if you click on a game you don’t want, just put a “0” in the wager box

Remember you are starting with 200 pts, you can use these on both the Thursday and Friday games

You will not use any of your winnings on the Thursday and Friday games, you will receive your winnings for use in Round 2

Keep the minimum wager at 10 pts

You need to wager each round at least 50% of the points you started with… RD 1 you start with 200 pts, at a minimum you must wager 100 pts

You need to keep track of the points you have remaining for each round, if you wager over you allotted points….your an ass!

Contrary to the original rules, no wagers are excepted in the email inbox, everything done online

FYI don’t plan on getting on this site 2 minutes before tip, and expect it to be running top notch fast in order for you to get in on time…be patient with the site, if you get a error, just reload and it will work…

Having said that you can put in your picks anytime prior to the tip of that particular game you are picking


Good Luck